AUTHENTICITY and vulnerability

When I'm photographing your wedding day I will photograph it journalistically, as it happens, sometimes it’s called candid. I am naturally an observer and I will move about the day capturing candid moments and inspiring vulnerability when it’s time for portraits. What I want most from you is for you to enjoy your wedding day and forget about a military style schedule, posing and smiling for the camera. A smile for a camera isn’t sincere but if your loved one tells you their memories of the day they fell in love with you, that smile is authentic. Be present. I want genuine nose crinkle giggles, smoosh-kisses, belly laughs and real, raw emotions.

When you choose me, you're choosing my artistry, my experience.



I have been photographing weddings for about ten years. Based out of Adelaide, Australia, I have photographed internationally and had my work published in print and on Australian and American blogs. I'm in my 30’s, I live in a little suburb of Adelaide city in South Australia with my gorgeous chocolate mini-dachshund Graham and a jungle of plants. My hair is red, my eyes are green and I am vertically challenged so I’ll byo step-ladder.

Wedding Photography is where my heart is and I am very lucky to have created a business that is approaching 10 years. Pretty wild!

I never sought out photography as a career, it kind of found me. I've always been creative. In 2010, I started taking photography more seriously while I was studying and paired my love of love and wedding reality shows, textiles and flowers - all of which gave me an edge in the wedding photography genre. Using all I’ve earned over the decade in the industry, I really honed in on what has become my signature style today, a candid, timeless look with a focus on details, vulnerability and joy.

If I'm not editing, I'm in the garden, crocheting a blanket, crafting or painting or I’m out getting coffee and a bunch of flowers at a market. I collect vintage medical text books and spend a lot of time watching documentaries. My favourite things are house plants, flowers and a good coffee date.

I shoot with Canon gear and favour my 50mm because it is the closes to our own field of vision whilst still producing that delicious bokeh.

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