When I'm photographing your wedding day I will photograph what I feel is important and although I'm happy to guide you on scheduling, what I want most is for you to enjoy your wedding day and forget about a military style schedule. Be present. I want genuine nose crinkle giggles, smoosh-kisses, belly laughs and real, raw emotions.

When you choose me, you're choosing my artistry, my experience.



I have been photographing weddings since 2010, based out of Adelaide, Australia. Raised by two parents, they're still madly in love, with an older sister. As a family we moved every two years with my Dad's postings in the Navy. I went to boarding school to finish my high school years in Adelaide and fell in love with the city, the hills and the beaches. I'm 30, I live in a little suburb of Adelaide city in South Australia.

Wedding Photography is where my heart is.

I never sought out photography as a career, it kind of found me. I've always been creative. In 2010, I started taking photography more seriously and paired my love of wedding reality shows, bridal magazines, bridal fashion, textiles and flowers - all of which gave me an edge in the wedding photography genre. Using all I had learned over the years I really honed in on what has become my signature style today, a candid, timeless look.

If I'm not editing, I'm in the garden. I collect vintage medical text books and spend a lot of time watching David Attenborough. My favourite things are flowers and a good coffee. I have a gorgeous dog, Graham, a chocolate and tan mini sausage dog.

I shoot with Canon gear and favour my 50mm and 35mm prime lenses.