Happy Birthday Bangers!

Graham Badmaash Bangers the Alien, Happy Birthday!

Graham is 2!

G is a chocolate and tan miniature dachshund, he was born in Queensland on September 19th and on November 15th I picked him up from the airport. He’s since grown longer and longer into a long-dog that just loves to love and loves to cuddle. If you’re sitting anywhere in his vicinity, he wants to sit on you but only after he’s exhausted himself playing ball because ‘Ball is Life’. G and I have a morning routine, the second he hears noise coming from down the hall, he’s at the door sniffing for me to get up and open it, to come out and start the day. I get up and boil the kettle in the kitchen and I ask him “Are you hungry?” and his little metronome tail speeds up just a tad and I give him his breakfast. He loves a chicken wing as much as I do and he loves cheese (treat only-lactose free). By the time the coffee is made we head back to bed for our morning cuddle, one of his favourite words. Never mind saying “walk”, the phrase he loves to hear is “cuddle”.

Graham the Alien.
Badmaash (roughly translates to mischievous one).
Miha (roughly translates to little dear).
Low Rider.
Long dog.
Therapy dog.