I invest my heart into each wedding I photograph, every love story is a beautiful piece of my artistic history and your wedding day, captured still, to be felt time and time again for years to come.
I arrive in the morning and bring a warm, calm energy with me, something my clients have always said calms their nerves. I will be there to give your hand a squeeze when the nerves kick in before you walk down the aisle and a reassuring smile if you need it, all the way through to the confetti canons on the dance floor. 
Rather than just a service, you're commissioning an artist to capture your love story. I use my skill and knowledge from almost 10 years in the industry to photograph your wedding day.

Every Bride will tell you their wedding just "flies by", your wedding dress will get packed away, the cake is eaten and the flowers wilt but what remains are your photographs. They adorn the walls of your home, your bedside table, they are what you look at when you are miles apart and missing one another. Photographs are memories you can hold in your hands.




  • Pre-wedding communication and coffee-date consultations as needed

  • Access to Prep Guides and Schedule Guide, with guidance on timing for your Wedding day

  • Guidance on booking aesthetically themed Prep accomodation

  • 10 Hours coverage of your wedding day by Jewel Chenoweth, from Makeup in the morning to the Dance Floor, I’m all yours!

  • An online preview gallery following your Wedding for you to share online

  • Carefully selected and delicately edited, un-watermarked, high resolution photographs

  • 1 year hosting of your final photographs in your online gallery

  • Custom USB and glass Heirloom Keepsake box including a photographers selection of 5x7 prints wrapped in a hand dyed silk cloth

  • Access to an exceptional, world class printing house through your online gallery with delivery direct to your door

  • A professional photographer with 10 years experience in the industry

  • Professional equipment and an insured photographer/business

  • Travel within 45 minutes of Adelaide CBD (additional fees apply outside of this area)


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artist vs. service

My job isn’t to get every single photograph in focus or to repeat photographs from Pinterest. It’s about making choices to create nostalgic, emotive photographs depicting my couple, their day and their venue. I want movement more than I want tack sharp. I want to shoot low because I love softness in my background and I don’t mind a bit of focal fall off on my subjects. I make so many choices from camera settings and lens choice to what I’ve said to the couple, how I instructed them, where on the property I have them at what time of the day, I’ve thought about it all and made the decisions. This series has tack sharp shots of him or her but this one is soft and it has movement and joy and connection, it’s nostalgic, it feels balanced.

Photography isn’t about perfection it’s about knowing the rules and boundaries and finding your happy place with each of them. I’ve spent years tweaking each variable back and forth searching for my happy place as a photographer. For me it’s a moment frozen in time that captures emotion, love, connection. I have less of an inclination to push for that tack sharp shot than I do to inspire vulnerability and connection, a real candid moment.