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Art is an ARTEFACT of something you made in the time you had.

Photographs are a medium of communication. When hung on the walls of your home they say
“we have love, we belong”

World class printing through your online gallery

We live in a digital age, an estimated 1.2 trillion photographs are taken each year because of smartphones. Photographs are shared online and within hours new content takes its place at the top of the feed and they’re forgotten. Think of all the photographs you’ve taken on a smartphone that haven’t made it to present day, and now think of the photographs in albums and frames that have made it decades to present day. These moments captured in time tell the story of your life, your love. Photographs can transport you back to a moment that was important enough to capture, the feeling, the sounds, the scent of a perfume or flower or the sea. Enjoy your photos every day as you walk past and are taken back to that moment.

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone” - Katie Thurmes.

Even if you’re running low on wall space, printing photos and putting them in a shoebox under the bed is still a great way to archive your photographs. Right now the standard digital file used is .JPG but just as records gave way to cassettes then CD’s and mp3’s, digitals files will change too. But safely stored printed photographs can always be brought out into the light and seen.

Photographs are meant for paper not screens. When printed well, a photograph can be mesmerising, it can remind us of what love really feels like. This is why I have a preferred printer and why all of my clients galleries are linked to it. A printed photograph is easily found, on the walls, on your desk, on the mantle, there’s no sorting through countless files and folders and archived hard drives.

Each client receives an online gallery linked to a world class print house where you can order a beautiful art piece to suit your style. Matte prints, hand made paper, hand torn edges, glass frames. Wedding clients receive their photographs in an heirloom brass lined glass box with their 5x7 prints wrapped in a hand-dyed silk and a custom wooden USB.