It's the tits!

In case you hadn’t heard there’s an all inclusive non-exclusive club called The Tit Club that you ought to get around. You might have seen The Tit Club at one of our fabulous SA markets or if you’ve stopped by Karma and Crow for a honeycomb latte recently you might have seen the breast tit pots on display in their little market corner. The lovely lady behind all this tit-ness is Sarah! Sarah’s an amazing local artist that’s creating some fab-u-lous tit pots, earrings, keychains and totes with all things body-positive, sex-positive and of course booby and we love that!

I dropped into one of her workshops to take some photographs in July, check them out below, and yes you too can boob up your life and your jeans at one of Sarah’s upcoming workshops - what a fab hens day idea! The Tit Club is a fabulous account to follow on Instagram too so head on over and show this local artist some LOVE.

Sarah also does the cutest custom portraits which are great for gifting (Christmas and Valentine’s day are coming!). Check out the cute portraits below and remember that you’re supporting a local, you’re supporting an artist and each pot or painting is handmade which is pretty incredible! I would love to see one of my wedding photographs so if you commission one, be sure to show me!