Claire Sucks - a celebrant spotlight

A celebrant is the first host of your wedding day. All of your guests are told to arrive at a time and location and the person in charge from that point on is your celebrant. Choosing the right person to marry you is more than just about the paperwork, it’s about who you want to host the beginning of your wedding day, engage your guests and lead a ceremony that reflects you and your love.

Some celebrants don’t care and some celebrants suck. Not all celebrants are created equal. Sometimes I’m not even sure why some celebrants do it for a living, they just seem to like the limelight but have no interest in the couples journey into marriage and where their love has come from and how they got here.

Claire Parson’s is one of those celebrants that I will put my name against. She is a little different. She’s wild. She’s weird. She’s young and fabulous, a total babe, and she loves love. Naturally I was a little confused when I first saw Claire’s marketing change to “Claire Sucks” but it clicked in the next beat, it’s Claire and her type of humour. There’s a gentleness to Claire’s ceremonies, she’s not boasting or vying for the limelight or yelling to be engaging which some celebrants do. That kind of vibe is hard to know in a meeting over coffee, you really don’t know until you see a celebrant perform a ceremony. Clair doesn’t need to yell or use a commanding voice, her words are genuine and that’s captivating. Like a good opening monologue at a comedy show, there’s a few zingers and enough info that you know what you’re in for.


To those that say “You’re only recommending them because they’re you’re friend!” - True.
But I wouldn’t be friends with them if they were rubbish wedding suppliers doing a rubbish job. I’m friends with Claire because she gives a shit, she’s funny, she believes in love like I believe in love, she believes in authentic weddings that are true to your weird and wonderful world.

When I interviewed Claire (actually when we were having one of our usual Insta DM chats) she said “I guess what I’d like people to think about me is that I tell their story in a fun and genuine way. That I hit the sweet spot between turning the party without sacrificing the romance or the significance of the commitment they’re making.” And to be honest she really brings that vision to life.

Here she is wiping dirty chairs before a wedding ceremony, tell me that’s not someone who cares! What a legend. You can apply to be one of Claire’s rad couples with the links below. Also if you’re into fabulous, weird, alternate weddings and drag queens then follow her on Instagram here!


Claire Parsons “Most weddings suck. Mine don’t”.
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Happy Birthday Bangers!

Graham Badmaash Bangers the Alien, Happy Birthday!

Graham is 2!

G is a chocolate and tan miniature dachshund, he was born in Queensland on September 19th and on November 15th I picked him up from the airport. He’s since grown longer and longer into a long-dog that just loves to love and loves to cuddle. If you’re sitting anywhere in his vicinity, he wants to sit on you but only after he’s exhausted himself playing ball because ‘Ball is Life’. G and I have a morning routine, the second he hears noise coming from down the hall, he’s at the door sniffing for me to get up and open it, to come out and start the day. I get up and boil the kettle in the kitchen and I ask him “Are you hungry?” and his little metronome tail speeds up just a tad and I give him his breakfast. He loves a chicken wing as much as I do and he loves cheese (treat only-lactose free). By the time the coffee is made we head back to bed for our morning cuddle, one of his favourite words. Never mind saying “walk”, the phrase he loves to hear is “cuddle”.

Graham the Alien.
Badmaash (roughly translates to mischievous one).
Miha (roughly translates to little dear).
Low Rider.
Long dog.
Therapy dog.

It's the tits!

In case you hadn’t heard there’s an all inclusive non-exclusive club called The Tit Club that you ought to get around. You might have seen The Tit Club at one of our fabulous SA markets or if you’ve stopped by Karma and Crow for a honeycomb latte recently you might have seen the breast tit pots on display in their little market corner. The lovely lady behind all this tit-ness is Sarah! Sarah’s an amazing local artist that’s creating some fab-u-lous tit pots, earrings, keychains and totes with all things body-positive, sex-positive and of course booby and we love that!

I dropped into one of her workshops to take some photographs in July, check them out below, and yes you too can boob up your life and your jeans at one of Sarah’s upcoming workshops - what a fab hens day idea! The Tit Club is a fabulous account to follow on Instagram too so head on over and show this local artist some LOVE.

Sarah also does the cutest custom portraits which are great for gifting (Christmas and Valentine’s day are coming!). Check out the cute portraits below and remember that you’re supporting a local, you’re supporting an artist and each pot or painting is handmade which is pretty incredible! I would love to see one of my wedding photographs so if you commission one, be sure to show me!